Undead Brutes

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Undead Brutes
Type Foes
Location(s) Ancestral Ruins, Plains of Turrim
Undead Brutes are common Foes in Decay of Logos.

Background[edit | edit source]

Origin[edit | edit source]

The once proud and zealous Brutes of Turrim, inhabitants of the sacred Plains of Turrim, are now cursed husks of metal and flesh.

Although somewhat shorter in height than other tribes, they were skilled artisans as well as robust fighters, having crafted their own weapons and armor which they wore with pride and flaunted with grace.

Corruption set in as the land was tainted by blood, the gusts of wind still carrying the echoes of betrayal and warfare. It now yields the corpses of fallen warriors, forever denied of their eternal rest, doomed to rise and reap all who dare to trespass into the territory they've failed to protect.

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