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Wooden Villagers

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| name = Wooden Villagers
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| type = [[Monsters]]
| location = Ancestor Ruins, [[Howling Rift]], [[Laetus Grove]], [[Sacred Grounds of Palus]]
| description = '''Wooden Villagers''' are common [[Monsters]] in [[Decay of Logos]].
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Wooden aberrations of human resemblance, some still bearing patches of flesh and skin, they are aggressive beings that viciously track their prey.

The first sightings of these creatures have occurred after the [[Royal Schism]], during the excavations that took place in the [[Sacred Grounds of Palus]].
They seem to behave erratically, as they can be seen banding together and marching in groups or organizing ambushes on unsuspecting travelers at night, but sometimes just drift about on their own, bang heads against walls or even take their lives by jumping off cliffs.

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