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The World of Decay of Logos.


The world of Decay of Logos is comprised of lushful forests, desolate swamps and rocky landscapes that are heavily impacted by the cultural heritage of the Ancestors. Proud stone ruins of temples, bridges and roads cling stubbornly to the earth, standing the test of time.


  • Bosk of Silens
  • Gate of Affinitas
  • Hallowed Plains of Turrim
  • Hamlet of Fons
  • Howling Rift
  • Laetus Grove
  • Sacred Grounds of Palus
  • Vorago Palace
  • Wadi of the Howling Rift


  • Arx Claustrum
  • Arx Demeo
  • Arx Obscurum
  • Arx Orbis
  • Arx Ros
  • Arx Statera
  • Arx Verto


  • Amnis Sanctum
  • Arbor Sanctum
  • Caelum Sanctum
  • Primus Sanctum
  • Vallis Sanctum