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Type Characters
Age Teen
Location(s) Unknown
Ada is the protagonist in Decay of Logos.


Early Life

Nothing is known of Ada's origin, as she was found by her foster family in the outskirts of their village, tender of age and barely clinging to life. They've nursed her back to health and raised her as one of their own blood, always standing by her side and comforting her when she woke up to the constant nightmares. Her strands of white hair have never gone unnoticed, as they're often regarded as a symbol of misfortune by the Plebs.

Being silent and remarkably talented, she had little interest in other children, preferring to stalk her foster father as he hunted for food, and even teaching herself how to use a bow and wield a sword. As soon as he noticed her skill, he reluctantly accepted her as the youngest hunter in the village.


After the dramatic events that befell her village, Ada sets out on a quest for revenge, hoping to find who was behind it and what motivated such cruelty. Even though she’s a young girl, her determination and prowess will allow her to grow in power as she overcomes adversities. She also holds the potential to unleash the ancient art of Magicae, if she so desires.


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  • Ada's age and origin are unknown to her and to the family who took her in as a child.
  • Although Ada seems to be in her teen years, her abilities are developing at an extraordinary rate.

Behind the Scenes

  • Ada is voiced by Kristin Lennox.